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s’Hlobo sam…

“I, _____ vow to treasure you as my own_____”

by Excelsior Lusso


Celebrating the shared culture and traditions that bind us together. Excelsior Lusso is delighted to announce the beautiful union of two hearts, drawn together by love and a common culture at the UNESCO Africa Week 2024 fashion event in the romantic city of Paris, France!

Johannesburg – April 17, 2024: Independent fashion brand Excelsior Lusso (in partnership and support with the South African Department of Sports, Arts and Culture as well as the South African Embassy in France) to showcase at UNESCO Africa Fashion Week in Paris, France on from the 22nd to the 24th of May. The project, which was launched on October 26, 2023, sought to showcase the African Fashion industry through The African Fashion Sector Theme: Trends, Challenges & Opportunities. The exciting debut took place at Lagos Fashion Week in Lagos, Nigeria.


Excelsior Lusso's invitation showcases our expertise in crafting premium women's fashion infused with African influences, innovative marketing strategies, and unique brand experiences. Our pioneering approach allows us to stand out and demonstrate our distinct talents. By highlighting these unique brand experiences, Excelsior Lusso not only differentiates itself from competitors but also leaves a lasting impact on customers.

Why UNESCO Africa Fashion Week?

Promotion of Cultural Unity: Its heartbreaking to see the barriers and inequalities in how South African cultures are represented, hindering our ability to come together as one. This lack of cultural unity is hurting our nation and society. We have so much strength in our diverse cultures and shared values of humanity, creativity, tolerance, open-mindedness, and inventiveness.

Our Solution

s’Hlobo sam… ‘I, _____ vow to treasure you as my own ______’ fashion collection; In the spirit of unity and tradition, ‘I, _____ take you, to be my ______’, is a fashion collection, honouring and celebrating our rich heritage and culture, drawing inspiration from our shared values, experiences, and backgrounds. We embrace the beauty of our unique identities, weaving together elements of our different cultures, aesthetics, and landscape.


Excelsior Lusso eloquently presents a range that pays homage to our shared culture and traditions, enhancing our society and national identity, known as s’Hlobo sam…I vow to treasure you as my own____.

The Fusion of Different Cultures

Sawubona meets Bonjour! The story of Sawubona, Dumela, Ndaa, Xiwani, Molo meeting Bonjour forms an engaging narrative. The Excelsior Lusso collection highlights cultural diversity, dynamic languages, and colourful fabrics. It celebrates the rich fashion diverse pieces, uniting generations and fostering connections. The collection showcases blending traditions, beliefs, and values to form a harmonious community. By honouring heritage and embracing inclusivity, it signifies strength in diversity and mutual understanding. This ethos is evident in the UNESCO collection, blending past, present, and future cultures.

This Excelsior Lusso UNESCO collection epitomises the pinnacle of multifunctional clothing that seamlessly aligns with diverse activities. With a blend of style, comfort, and practicality, these garments cater to the modern lifestyle's multiplicity of demands. Whether it's transitioning from a professional meeting to a casual outing, these versatile pieces effortlessly adapt to any setting.

Embracing a Shared Culture: These cultural treasures are a valuable part of our global influence, creating a powerful blend of language, customs, and traditions. We see this collection to nurture and invest in this precious ecosystem of South African cultures and symbolisms, allowing it to flourish for all to enjoy.

In Conclusion

Mac Mashilo, Creative Director of Excelsior Lusso commented: “Through the fusion of various cultures utilising textures, fabrics, colours, patterns, and personalities, a parallel can be drawn to the unity found in marriage. This journey of discovery and exploration elevates garments beyond just fabric and stitching, transforming them into a platform for individual expression that showcases the wearer's distinct character and heritage. This lively and ever-evolving fusion allows South Africans to honour their identity while embracing the beauty and diversity of their multicultural nation.”

Furthermore, we are excited to announce that our inaugural event will take place at the Excelsior Lusso studio in South Africa in May 2024. During this event, our founder and creative director will present the collection.


About Excelsior Lusso.

Excelsior Lusso, established in 2021, is a company specializing in haute couture, bespoke tailoring, ready-to-wear, and fashion content consulting. Our distinct blend of local expertise and global perspective is influenced by African fashion, setting us apart in the industry. With

extensive experience in organizing prestigious fashion shows, our primary goal is to empower our clients to shape their personal image and elevate their presence daily.


Our Value Proposition

People come in all shapes and sizes but whoever they are, whatever they like, we are here to celebrate their uniqueness. A place where you belong. 


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